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Linsn LedStudio Warning "Led screen system not found!"

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LED Screen system not found


(1)   To check if the USB cable of the sending card is well connected with the computer ;

(2)   Change the USB interface of the computer;

(3)   To check if the LED STUDIO is the latest version;

(4)   Click “My computer”---“Properties”---“Hardware”--- “Device Manager”---“Universal Serial Bus controllers” to check Whether the driver of the USB is well installed;

(5)   Click “Ports(COM&LPT)”, check the number of COM ports, make sure the number of COM ports less than 6;

ledstudio USB cable check



(6)     Open” LedStudio”, Click “Option”—“Software Setup”   type “linsn” and password is “168”, in the “Sender” page set the Main card to “Auto”;

linsn ledstudio sending card setting

(7)     Change the computer, sending card, USB cable;

(8)     Get help from Hot Electronics;



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