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    P10 Outdoor Fixed LED Display(DIP)

    Stadiums, The commercial plazas, Railway station squares, Airports, Pedestrian Streets, Bus stations, Metros, Leisure wharfs, Exhibition halls, etc.


    Module Specifications   Cabinet Specification
    1 Pixel Pitch 10mm 1 Cabinet Size(W*H*D) 960*960mm*100mm
    2 Pixel Configuration DIP  2 Cabinet Resolution 96*96
    3 Module Resolution 16*16 3 Module Quanity 36pcs
    4 Module Size 160mm*160mm 4 Material Steel
    Screen Parameters
    1 Brightness ≥7500cd/m2 11 Power Consumption Average350W/M2 Max:700W/M2
    2 Pixel Density 10000dots/m2 12 Screen weight 55kg/m2
    3 Driving Method  1/4 13 MTBF >10,000hours
    4 View Angle Horizontal 140°Vertical 75° 14 Life span ≥100,000hours
    5 Best Viewing Distance 6m-150m 15 Earth Leakage Current <3mA
    6 Brightness Control Adjustment 4096Grade/each 16 IP rate IP65
    7 Fresh requency 2000Hz  max 17 Temperature-operating ﹣20℃~60℃
    8 Frame Frequency 60--85Hz 18 Humidity-operating 10%~95%
    9 Input Voltage AC240V/220V/50Hz or AC110V/60Hz with PSE standard 19 Controlling system Nova
    10 Defects Rate ≤0.00001 20 Operating System  Windows98/me/2000/NT/XP

    Product Introduction

    Cabinet Sketch



    Product Features
    1. Accurate position of the locating dowel makes the surface between cabinets flat;
    2. Made through CNC, Assembly accuracy 0.1mm, Seamless Assembly; 
    3. No granular spots and mosiac on the screen, High-degree of color coordinates;
    4. Clearer and vivider piture, Seamless, No chromatic;
    5. Large viewing angle, Soft image, High resolution;
    6. Multi-layer circuit PCB, Lower consumption, Fast Heat-emmiting,Longlife,High stability;
    7. Easy to assemble and detach the cabinets;
    8. Working Noise: Less than 40DB, Have no influence on the viewing effect;
    9. DIP led, Ultra-low decay, Weather resistance;
    10. High contrast ratio up to 5000:1.

    Option of the LED Chip & IC

    IC MBI 5020

    8Ksram, Support 1/4 1/8 1/16 dynamic scan;
    10-16bits gray scale, 281billion colors, 30nS quick response;
    Low EMI disturb, Electromagnetic Compatibility;
    Adopt FM-PWM Technology;
    Up to 4000HZ high refresh rate.

    Connecting Method Between Control System and Display Terminals


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