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    Sphere LED Display

    Screen Size: Customized
    LED Configuration: 1R1G1B
    Environment: Indoor/Outdoor
    Brightness: ≥1200 cd/m2
    Application: Museum, Planetarium, Exhibition, Sports   Stadium, Airport, Hotel, Railway Station, Shopping Mall, Bar and etc.


    Optical Display Color 16.7 million
    Grey Scale 10bits/1024levels
    Power Max power consumption 1000 W/m2
    Ave power consumption 500 W/m2
    Working Voltage 220V / 110V
    Control system Frame Frequency 60--85HZ
    Data Transmission CAT 5/ Optic Fiber
    Image Source S-Video, PAL/ NTSC
    Controlling system linsn, Nova, Mooncell, ZD, Xixun, 
    Lumen, Dbstar
    Format Video Compatibility DVI, VGA, composite
    Reliability Working Temperature -20~65 ℃
    Working Humidity 10-95% RH
    Life Span 100,000 Hours
    MTBF (Ave No Faliure Time) 5000 Hours
    Pixel failing Rate 0.01%

    Product details
    1. 360°visual angle, can play all-round videos and pictures.
    2. The frame structure is light and convenient, firm structure.
    3. Different installing methods according to client's requirements.
    4. The ball's diameters can be designed and produced as requested.
    5. Good structure design for better heat dissipation, guarantee that the ball can stay in good status if under long working hours.

    1. Rich colors: with three basic colors (red, green and blue) to form the unit boxes, making the electronic displays showing rich colors, high saturation, and high resolution, and also enabling them to show high frequency dynamic images.
    2. High brightness: the products adopt super-high brightness LED, so that you can see clearly from a long distance even in strong sunshine.
    3. Good effect: the products adopt non-linear calibration technology to realize clearer images with stronger feeling of layers.
    4. High reliability: using distributed scanning technology and module design technology that makehigher reliability and stability.
    5. Diversified display modes: the products support multiple display modes.
    6. Easy operation: the products adopt popular video playing software to facilitate system operations.
    7. Convenient installation and maintenance of display modules
    8. Energy saving and environment protection, antistatic, dust-proof, good heat dissipation, cost-effective.


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