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    Mesh LED Display

    Commercial advertising: Square, Road side, High way, Airport, Wharf, Hotel, Restaurant etc.
    Live broadcast: Gym, Stadium, Concert,  Night club ,Sport match, Competition, Gov publication etc.
    Rental business: Entertainment, Wedding, Party etc.


    Product Introduction
    The mesh LED display of Hot Electronics Co.,Ltd is an outstanding performance LED screen that developed by Hot R&D team.The whole system is made of aluminum alloy, with special cooling technology, which can replace the traditional LED screen. Creative outlook design, applied to the roof and exterior walls of large buildings, strong permeability, does not affect the appearance of the building own design. High transmittance, strong wind resistance, effectively reduce the wind load, thereby reducing the light bar screen structure strength and weight.
    Specification:  6.25mm、8/16mm(Vertical / Horizontal)、16/16 mm(Vertical / Horizontal)、20mm、25mm、16/33 mm(Vertical / Horizontal)

    Technical Advantages
    Mesh LED display has the characteristics of permeability, ensure the daylight when use. Mesh screen can not be used to play some high-definition video cause of low resolution. Its advantage is thin, can be installed in a large area, also make a good decorative effect.

    Item Model 8/16mm 16/16mm 16/16mm 16/33mm 33/33mm
    Lamp LED lamp SMD(3535)   DIP346
    Module Configuration            SMD3 in 1 1R1G1B 1R1G1B 2R2G2B
    Pixel Pitch (Vertical /horizontal)  8.33/16.67 16.67/16.67 16.67/16.67 16.67/33.33 33.33/33.33
    Module size (Height×Width×Thickness) 1000×9.5×11 1000×9.5×11 1000×10×18 1000×10×18 1000×10×18
    Cabinet Cabinet resolution(H×W) 120×30
    60×15 (H×W) 30×15 (H×W)
    Cabinet size (Height×Width×Thickness) 1000×500×60 1000×500×60
    Weight <7.8kg   <7.8kg   <6kg <6kg <7.5kg
    IP Rate Front IP65/Rear IP65 Front IP65/Rear IP65
    Power AC 240/110±10%,50~60Hz AC 240/110±10%,50~60Hz
    Repair Front&Rear service Front&Rear service
    Screen Maximum power consumption ≤500W/m² ≤470W/m²   ≤450W/m² ≤450W/m² ≤450W/m²
    Average 167W/m² 157W/m² 155W/m² 155W/m² 155W/m²
    Brightness 6500 cd /m² 6300 cd /m² 6500 cd /m² 6000 cd /m² 6000 cd /m²
    Pixel Density (dots/m2) 7,200 3,600 3,600 1,800 900
    Viewing Angle 120°/120° 120°/60°
    Contrast ratio 3,000:1 3,000:1
    Transparency 43% 40% 70% 70%
    Working temperatur /humidity -30°C to +50°C/10% to 95% -30°C to +50°C/10% to 95%
    Lifetime(50% brightness) 100,000hours 100,000hours
    Grey Scale 16 bit 16 bit
    Refresh Rate ≥ 1920 Hz ≥ 1920 Hz
    Frame Rate 30/50/60fps 30/50/60fps


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