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    Pixel Pitch: 4mm

    Quick Details
    Place of Origin: Guangdong, China 
    Brand Name: Hot Electronics
    Certification: CE-EMC, CE-LVD, RoHS
    Model Number: P4
    Usage: Outdoor
    Tube Chip Color: Full Color
    Display Function: Video
    Screen Dimension: Customized
    Warranty: 2 Years
    Minimum Order Quantity: 1 square meter
    Price: negotiable
    Packaging Details: wooden package or flight case
    Delivery Time: 10-25 days after payment


    P4 LED Display
    Product Description

    The P4 outdoor SMD full-color display is a modified high-refresh product. The product is not only more affordable but also significantly more effective.
    Adjust the color balance of low gray balance: The driver chip has a correct color shift, eliminating the color shift in the case of pre-charging.
    Reducing low gray unevenness: The module achieves uniform brightness, high consistency of the driving chip, uniform brightness of pixels, and more uniform and clearer picture display.

    Product Parameters

    Pixel pitch P4
    Module Parameters Pixel pitch 4 mm
    Pixel Density 62500 pixels/m2
    LED Shape SMD 3in1
    LED Configuration 1R1G1B
    Module Resolution 64*32 pixel
    Module Size 256*128 mm
    Drive Method  1/8
    Cabinet Parameters Cabinet Resoltuion 128*128
    Cabinet Size 512*512 mm
    Cabinet Weight 36 kg/m2
    Display Parameters Optical Brightness ≥7000 cd/m2
    Viewing angle H/V 160/160
    Best Viewing Distance 5-25 m
    Display Color 16.7 million
    Grey Scale 10bits/1024levels
    Power Max power consumption 1000 W/m2
    Ave power consumption 500 W/m2
    Working Voltage 220V / 110V
    Control system Frame Frequency 60--85HZ
    Refresh Rate ≥4000HZ
    Data Transmission CAT 5/ Optic Fiber
    Image Source S-Video, PAL/ NTSC
    Controlling system linsn, Nova, Mooncell, ZD, Xixun, 
    Lumen, Dbstar
    Format Video Compatibility DVI, VGA, composite
    Reliability Working Temperature -20~65 
    Working Humidity 10-95% RH
    Life Span 100,000 Hours
    MTBF (Ave No Faliure Time) 5000 Hours
    Pixel failing Rate 0.01%
    IP Rate IP 65

    Product Advantages
    1. Aluminum cabinet made by CNC has more accurate tolerance on structure than that made by metalplate processing, which ensures the flatness of the entire LED screen.
    2. light weight less than kg enable one-person installation easier and simpler, save installation time. But traditional LED screen is over 25 Kg with the same size.
    3. Adopting the CNC aluminum processing, it is high strength, high tenacity, high accuracy and not easy to distort.
    4. Cabinet splicing and wiring connection is fast and reliable. Not only beautiful appearance but also a real sense of the rapid disassembly.
    5. Adopting modular design, assembled cabinet can install and disassembly quickly and easily. It is easy to maintenance.
    6. New structure design, can satisfy hoisting, overstow, indoor used requirements. Cabinet simplification.
    7. Has excellent heat dissipation design and performance. it is low noise. With the features of lightweight and low power consumption, it can reduce the labor cost of installation and operating costs.

    Flight case packing, easy to load and unload.
    Q1. What is an LED Screen?
    A: An LED Screen is like a giant television or computer monitor. The screen itself is made from lots of little LEDs (light emitting diodes) placed close together. Each LED emits three colours - Red, Green and Blue - which together light up as needed to create a range of colours. From a distance you don’t notice the individual LEDs but just see a picture created by all the LEDs working and changing colour in sequence.
    Q2. What is Pixel Pitch?
    A: The pixel pitch is the distance between the centre of an LED (or group of LEDs that make up a pixel) and the next adjacent LED. The smaller this distance, the closer all the LEDs on the screen are together and the better the resolution – meaning a more detailed picture. So a lower pixel pitch number means a better resolution than a higher pixel pitch number.
    Q3. What is the difference between an LED TV and LED Screens?
    A: An LED TV (or LED backlit LCD) is a standard LCD monitor (like a flat screen LCD television or computer monitor) with LEDs positioned behind the LCD instead of a standard light source. It’s a little misleading so watch out!
    Q4. Why use an LED Screen instead of an LCD Screen?
    A: LED screens are a completely different technology to LCD screens, designed for a different purpose. LCD screens are designed primarily for indoor close viewing on a small scale. LED screens are designed for large scale, high impact projects that can be used outdoors in bright sunlight.
    Q5: What can I show on my LED Screen?
    A: We can help you show anything you want on your screen. Plug in a laptop and show presentations, videos, and slideshows. We can take live video feeds and signals from your computers, vision mixers, or any output source including CV, VGA, HDMI, DVI, SDI, HD-SDI and more.

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