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    P2 LED Display

    Hi-tech Narrow Pixel Pitch LED Display
    High Refresh Rate
    Low Brightness And High Gray-scale
    Vivid Video Quality
    Seamless Splicing


    P2 high-density products using the latest generation of technology, the pixel will reach 250,000 points per square, exceeding the pixels of the TV splicing screen wall. LED display seamless splicing, visual effects far beyond the splicing screen. And it is easy to install and easy to maintain. The visual distance of the new generation of P2 products will also be further improved, and it can be clearly viewed at close range. The LED display has more than 100,000 hours of service life. It is more than half of the service life of the mosaic wall and will not be like the wall as a need to replace the backlight or replacement lamp.
    High density, high contrast, high gray, high refresh, light and thin cabinet, high precision, seamless splicing of any size, wide viewing angle, low power consumption, high life span, real and natural picture.

    Pixel pitch P2
    Module Parameters Pixel pitch 2 mm
    Pixel Density 250000 pixels/m2
    LED Shape SMD 3in1
    LED Configuration 1R1G1B
    Module Resolution 64*64/120*120 pixel
    Module Size 128*128/240*240 mm
    Drive Method  1/32, 1/60
    Cabinet Parameters Cabinet Resoltuion 256*256/240*240
    Cabinet Size 512*512/480*480 mm
    Cabinet Weight  
    Display Parameters Optical Brightness ≥1200 cd/m2
    Viewing angle H/V 160/160
    Best Viewing Distance 2-15 m
    Display Color 16.7 million
    Grey Scale 10bits/1024levels
    Power Max power consumption 1000 W/m2
    Ave power consumption 500 W/m2
    Working Voltage 220V / 110V
    Control system Frame Frequency 60--85 HZ
    Refresh Rate 4000 HZ
    Data Transmission CAT 5/ Optic Fiber
    Image Source S-Video, PAL/ NTSC
    Controlling system linsn, Nova, Mooncell
    Format Video Compatibility DVI, VGA, composite
    Reliability Working Temperature -20~65 
    Working Humidity 10-95% RH
    Life Span 100,000 Hours
    MTBF (Ave No Faliure Time) 5000 Hours
    Pixel failing Rate 0.01%
    IP Rate IP 54



    Accurate position of the locating dowel makes the surface between cabinets flat;
    Made through CNC, Assembly accuracy 0.1mm, Seamless Assembly; 
    No granular spots and mosiac on the screen, High-degree of color coordinates;
    Clearer and vivider piture, Seamless, No chromatic;
    large viewing angle, Soft image, High resolution;
    Multi-layer circuit PCB, Lower consumption, Fast Heat-emmiting, Longlife, High stability;
    Aluminum Cabinet, Lighter and Slimmer, High accuracy;
    Modules can be released from the whole screens to repair;
    Working Noise: Less than 40DB, Have no influence on the viewing effect;
    SMD1010 Black Crystal, Ultra-low decay, High stability, High color coordinates, Weather resistance;
    High contrast ratio up to 5000:1;
    SMD full color led chip.



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