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Outdoor Naked Eye 3D LED Large Screen Display

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3D led display

Glasses free 3D LED wall.

3D effect is the result of the content, not the display itself. You do need a high-quality outdoor LED display with high brightness and contrast and support for wide viewing angles. The bigger the screen, the better. You also want the screen to go around the exterior corner of a building, square or round.

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Angled LED Display.

3D LED WALLs are usually curved screens or with two faces.with a customized 3D video content ,The left screen shows the image’s left view, while the right screen shows the primary view. People standing in front of the corner may view the object’s side and front at the same time, creating a genuine 3D appearance..

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Excellent 3D LED Display.

To make a landmark 3d led wall,refresh rate has a baring on visual quality.
Tailored video content that fit exactly the resolution of the led wall
Robust Design with light weight and  waterproof, anti-corrosion and dust proof.

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Outdoor Giant 3D Naked Eye Display.

Usually a 4k resolution is required to create more stunning visual experience To get the maximum quality of 3D information presented  on the screen, contrast, HDR and gray scale ranges are crucial.