8 Considerations About XR Studio LED Display Application Solutions

XR Studio: a virtual production and live streaming system for immersive instructional experiences.

The stage is equipped with a full range of LED displays, cameras, camera tracking systems, lights and more to ensure successful XR productions.


① Basic Parameters of LED Screen

1.No more than 16 scans;

2.2. No less than 3840 refresh at 60hz, no less than 7680 refresh at 120hz;

3. After turning on the correction and image quality engine, the working peak brightness is not less than 1000nit;

4. Point spacing P2.6 and below;

5. Vertical/horizontal viewing angle of 160 degrees;

6. Not less than 13bit grayscale;

7. The color gamut of the selected lamp beads covers the BT2020 color gamut as much as possible;

8. Less moiré in surface technology;

9. Anti-reflection and anti-glare;

10. High brush/high gray/high performance IC

The basic parameters of the screen are only suggested to customers, according to the budget and screen;

It depends on the demand for display effect (the quality of the screen directly determines the final film effect)

② The Frame Rate

24/25/48/50/60/72/96/100/120/144/240Hz etc.(Determine the final load of a single device and a single network cable)

③ Content Bit Depth and Sampling

Bit depth: 8/10/12bit Sampling rate: RGB 4:4:4/4:2:2

4K/60HZ/RGB444/10BIT need to use HDMI2.1 or DP1.4 8K channel transmission


PQ or Disguise for the Servers of HDR of Graphics Card?

Affect on-load calculations (PQ output such as Da Vinci, UE does not need to turn on the HDR mode specifically, and HDR-PQ at non-standard resolutions can be realized; standard resolutions must be realized through graphics card HDR MATADATA information)

⑤ Low Latency

Controller + receiving card = 1 frame with extremely low latency

Affect the routing of network cables, the starting point of the main network cables must be on the same horizontal line

⑥ Interpolation Frame & Interpolation Green Shooting

Save costs and facilitate post-processing; the output frame rate needs to be doubled, which affects loading, and has high requirements for cameras, screen quality, genlock, etc.

⑦ Server/Engine/Prdinary Computer PPT, etc. Switching Display

Need access to consoles/switchers, distributors and other accessories to achieve engine and server switching display, and roaming on the screen to play PPT and other display content.

The HDR/BIT bit depth/frame rate/genlock, etc. of the switcher have the same requirements, and it will increase the system delay of the device at the same time

⑧ Shutter Adaption Technology

Understand the commonly used shutter angles on site, whether shutter adaptation technology is needed。

Affect the pre-commissioning work

Hot Electronics Promote P2.6 LED Display Screen for XR Studio

7680Hz 1/16 Scan P2.6 Indoor LED Screen for Virtual Production,XR Stage Film TV Studio

LED Screen Panels Specification for Virtual Production,XR Stages, Film and Broadcast

● 500*500mm

● HDR10 standard, high dynamic range technology.

● 7680Hz super high refresh rate for camera-related applications.

● Meet the standards of color gamut Rec.709, DCI-P3, BT 2020.

● HD,4K high resolution, color calibration memo Flash in LED module.

● True black LED, 1:10000 high contrast, moiré effect reduction.

● Rapid install and dismantle, curve locker system.

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Post time: Feb-14-2023