You may wonder why there is a video processor in LED Display solution?

To answer this question, we need ten thousands of words to describe the glorious development history of LED industry. To make it short, because LCD screen is mostly 16:9 or 16:10 in aspect ratio. But when it comes to LED screen,16:9 appliance is ideal, meanwhile, high utility of limited space is more important. Furthermore, irregular screen is prevalent in actual application, shaped in rectangle, circle, oval even distributed group etc. So an video processor with image scaling is of great utility.LED video processor is also known as picture processor, image converter, video controller, image processor screen converter, video format converter independent video source.

LED video processors are specially designed for the LED display. It is high-performance image processing and control devices for full-colour LED displays. Generally, it can change the resolution format and colour space, as well as image scaling; LED video processor integrates video image processing and high-definition signal processing technology. Designing combined with the special requirements of the full-colour LED screen display. It can simultaneously receive and process a variety of different video graphics signals and show on full-colour LED display screens. 

1. Source Scale

LED screen is seldom implemented with standard resolution of 1920*1080 or 3840*2160, on the other hand, the input source is commonly 2K or 4K image. If directly access media source to LED screen, there will be black edge or partial image display, to overcome this problem, video processor is born, dedicated to full fitness display.

2. Signal Switch

In modernized multi-media era, versatile display requirement stimulate HDMI SDI DVI VGA signal all connecting in. How to switch signal seamlessly and conveniently? The answer is video processor, moreover, input signal preview is available.

a video processor in LED Display solution

3. Multi-image Display

In the high-end commercial venue, multi-image display is conventional request, video processor embody impeccable and realistic scenery into practical.

4. lmage Quality Optimization

LED display bring unparalleled presentation, and the pursuit of better visual experience never ceased, consequently, lmage quality optimization on various occasion is in voracious hunger, like brightness adjustment, color enhancement etc.

Besides above functions, video processor also provides Genlock cascading, display mode preset, remote control function etc.

Post time: Sep-14-2022